Built in 1940, Stone & Ivy is constructed of brick with an exposed, open ceiling bow truss and was home to the Beaudry Studebaker dealership. Its style is reticent of the 40s and its use has varied over the last 80 years. The recent renovations by Stone & Ivy restored completely the original charm and character while introducing elements of design that make this Tucson’s premier venue. Each brick has been carefully exposed and the wood on the breathtaking ceilings has brought back to its original splendor. This venue provides guests a nostalgic ambience and offers indoor space of 10,000 square feet along with 3,000 square feet of outdoor spaces that are unique to Stone & Ivy. From a lavish bridal suite, to a covered patio with bar, to an entertaining groom’s quarter, the architectural elements create artistic photography opportunities with iron and glass, smooth white plaster to accent the original brick, up-lighting and tasteful chandeliers.  Whether you are looking for that perfect venue to host a small, intimate event or one that can accommodate 500 or more guests, Stone & Ivy is your answer!